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The Connection Between Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Throughout the society we live in today, the stigma involving mental health treatment deters individuals from reaching out for help; mental health symptoms, if left untreated can be debilitating. Individuals attempt to resolve internal issues they may be struggling with on their own. This leads to individuals beginning to cope in unhealthy ways. Some individuals begin abusing substances to numb and suppress the physical and emotional pain they struggle with, day in and day out with feeling isolated and thoughts of having nowhere or no one to turn to for help.

by Feliesha Mann, MS

Substance abuse and mental health are co-morbid and are difficult to face alone. At Clean Recovery Centers, we tackle treatment from a multidisciplinary model – including substance abuse treatment and medical evaluations, along with addressing mental health symptoms that have impacted almost every area of their lives. Self-medicating behaviors will begin to change from being a destructive vicious cycle, to growth individuals had never realized was within reach.

It is our goal to teach clients that all emotions are healthy and meant to be felt, including happiness, anger, sadness, etc. We provide psycho education tools, coping skills, and interventions that will lay the foundation for a return to normal level of daily functioning and long-term sobriety. Individuals can address their mental health without shame or guilt, in a healthy way and utilize the tools learned to manage their mental health symptoms and live a happy, sober free life.

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