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Discover the unique program at Clean, including Day/Night treatment with Community Housing, the innovative Three-phase program, the wellness program services that complete our whole person approach, our transitional living houses that enable clients to focus on recovery, and more.

Detox: The Start of the Recovery Journey

Think of “detox” as tackling the physical or physiological aspects of the addiction disease while “counseling” helps overcome the psychological aspects. Detox services typically provide an initial period during recovery where individuals focus on overcoming their physical dependence on alcohol or drugs. It’s a crucial part of treatment and recovery.

Day/Night Treatment (DNT) with Community Housing

Clean Recovery Centers offers a robust Day/Night Treatment (DNT) with Community Housing Program. The goal of this treatment is to prepare clients for the Intensive Outpatient Treatment with Transitional Living and the skills necessary to combat their addiction for lasting results.

The Three-Phase Approach

The Three-Phase Approach is our clinical treatment program aimed at on-going sobriety. At Clean Recovery Centers, we focus on the good within all of us, giving you the necessary tools to get, live, and stay clean. The main part of this program typically lasts 12 weeks, before continuing into ongoing treatment in our Clean Graduate Track.


Kai Chi Do

Clean Recovery Centers offers a unique Kai Chi Do program with instructor Charles Robinson. As an exercise for the mind, body and spirit, Kai Chi Do has proven highly effective for the treatment of substance abuse and mental disorders.

Wellness Program

As part of its total recovery service for clients, Clean offers a comprehensive therapy and wellness rehabilitation program, grounded in a physical therapist-directed exercise program, designed to maximize outcomes for addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Family Program

Addiction has significant impact on families and significant others. Our program is designed to assess your family’s needs, educate you about addiction and offer ongoing family support during and/or after the client’s substance abuse treatment.

Living Clean: Community Housing and Transitional Living

Community Housing, for DNT, and Transitional Living, for IOP/OP, provides a safe and clean environment as you work through the treatment. You become part of a “Clean Community” where peers and staff support one another on this journey. The safety and protection of our clients is of paramount importance, and our environment reflects this.

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