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Clean Recovery Centers is Now In-Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield


TAMPA, FL – May 19, 2023 – Clean Recovery Centers is pleased to announce that they are now in-network with all Blue Cross Blue Shield policies. “This is very important for the clients we serve,” said Paul Tzatzimakis, CEO of Clean Recovery Centers. “Going in-network makes it easier for clients with these insurance policies to be admitted to our facilities, and it saves them a significant amount of money.”

Clean Recovery Centers is always working hard to increase the in-network insurance they can accept. Currently, the treatment facility is in-network with many other insurance providers and accepts almost all other insurance policies out-of-network.

“This is very important for the clients we serve. Going in-network makes it easier for clients with these insurance policies to be admitted to our facilities, and it saves them a significant amount of money.”

Paul Tzatzimakis

CEO, Clean Recovery Centers

“We have expanded with two new locations this year and anticipate adding even more facilities over the next several years,” said Executive Chairman, Shayne Sundholm. “As we grow the area we serve, and increase our capacity to help more clients, it’s important that we also broaden our in-network insurance options in order to make our services more accessible to as many people as possible.”

Clean Recovery Centers is Joint Commission Accredited and Legitscript approved, offering a full spectrum of substance use disorder and mental health treatment services with a unique three-phase approach. “Our clinical and medical program is very powerful and highly unique. We consider it best-in-class. The program combines leading edge Western and Eastern holistic approaches,” noted Clean Recovery Centers’ President and Co-founder, Nick Cuneo.

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About Clean Recovery Centers

Located on the beautiful Suncoast of Florida, Clean Recovery Centers provides the full spectrum of treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction. From Medical Detox, Residential, Mental Health Treatment, Day/Night Treatment with Community Housing, Intensive Outpatient with Transitional Living, and Outpatient Treatment, they offer effective solutions and psychiatric care at any stage of substance use disorder (SUD). For more information, contact Clean Recovery Centers in Tampa at 888-386-8654 or

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