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Cocaine Snuff Bullet

Your teenage son has been acting differently lately. The usual friend group he would hang out with has shifted, and the people he is inviting over now don’t seem like a part of the good crowd. You trust your son, and you know it has been hard on him since you and his father divorced. He keeps reassuring you he is fine and doesn’t want to talk.

cocaine snuff bullet

Lately, you have been noticing packages from a snuff company arriving at your house. He is 18, and if he wants to try tobacco you really don’t see an issue right now. Hopefully, he decides he doesn’t like it. As you go into his room to drop off laundry, you see the open box with a weird, bullet-shaped piece of metal. When you inspect it further, you see there is a white residue on the outside – clearly not tobacco. This explains the different behaviors, but what is this thing and what is the substance inside?

In 2022, 36 emergency department visits were for non-fatal stimulant-involved overdoses in Sarasota County. Clean Recovery Centers brings educational posts about substance use disorders to help families and loved ones stay in the know of the latest trends. With facilities throughout the Suncoast, we provide accessible treatment with housing at each location. Our housing is certified by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR), ensuring the highest quality is provided. Let’s investigate the cocaine snuff bullet trend further.

Cocaine Bullet: What Is It?

The cocaine bullet is a device used to store a small amount of the substance. They were first developed for tobacco users and are often called snuff bullets, but many have used them for illicit substances. The device is portable and discreet, making it easy to carry around cocaine or your substance of choice.

Snuff Bullet Looks and Purpose

The snuff bullet gets its name because it looks like a small, bullet-shaped case. They can be metal, glass, or plastic. Snuff bullets either have a bottom or top that is unscrewed for filling. On average, the snuff bullet can hold about 2 grams of powder, depending on the substance.

The purpose behind snuff bullets was for tobacco users to have a user-friendly way to snuff in public. Before, the person would try to rub the snuff on their hand or use a table for a quick whiff. This proved inconvenient and attention-grabbing, especially in windy climates. Snuff bullets allowed the person to discreetly store and use their tobacco product without the hassle of finding some privacy.

However, snuff bullets quickly became popular with cocaine use because of their convenience. In fact, there are now companies that make separate versions of snuff bullets marketed for cocaine (not in the US). The person with a cocaine bullet has an easy and discreet way to carry around the substance and use it.

How Cocaine Snuff Bullets Are Used

Cocaine snuff bullets are relatively easy to use. Open whichever side of the bullet has the unscrewable lid, load with the substance, and close the lid. The person can go throughout their day and at any time open the bullet and inhale the cocaine. However, cocaine snuff bullets do not typically come with directions, and the lid can slip open resulting in spilling the substance. Glass and plastic bullets are susceptible to breaking as well, which could result in cuts or injuries.

Side Effects of Using a Cocaine Snuff Bullet

The side effects of using a cocaine snuff bullet are the same as snorting cocaine. The person is still inhaling cocaine through the nose when using a cocaine snuff bullet. Side effects of cocaine include:

  • Extreme bouts of energy
  • Mood swings ranging from elated to irritated
  • Increased paranoia
  • Hypersensitivity to sound, touch, and sight
  • Decreased appetite

As cocaine use continues through the snorting method, deterioration of the nasal cavity occurs. Tissue in the septum can become necrotic and die, leading to permanent damage. Frequent nose bleeds, infections, and difficulty swallowing can occur.

Despite cocaine snuff bullets only holding a small amount, a cocaine overdose can still occur. An overdose happens when the body has too much of the substance present and cannot metabolize it in a timely manner. Cocaine causes blood vessels to constrict, making the heart work harder to pump blood throughout the body. With too much cocaine in the system, the heart is unable to keep up, leading to heart attacks, strokes, or seizures. Cocaine overdoses may not come from using a snuff bullet, but if the person was already using cocaine prior to or continues to use more, an overdose can occur.

It is important to note that there is no medication to reverse the effects of cocaine. If an overdose is suspected, call for help immediately. Try to keep the person calm and in a quiet place until help arrives. Be sure to tell the paramedics about all substances the person has taken so they can treat them accordingly.

Are Cocaine Snuff Bullets Dangerous?

signs of cocaine useCocaine is an illicit substance and is therefore not regulated by any government or medical agency. This makes any form of cocaine use dangerous, even small amounts from a cocaine snuff bullet. As we mentioned above, cocaine use can result in erratic behaviors and possible overdoses. Small doses from a cocaine snuff bullet can result in reckless behaviors such as dangerous driving, multiple unprotected sex partners, and use of other illicit substances. Any of these situations can have dangerous outcomes including car accidents and sexually transmitted diseases.

Cocaine also poses the risk of developing dependence, even after the first few uses. Cocaine works by affecting the reward system within the brain, causing intense pleasure. However, after the effects of cocaine have worn off, the brain has difficulties balancing the reward chemicals within. This results in the person feeling less pleasure from food or sex. Cocaine becomes the only thing that allows them to feel joy. The danger behind cocaine dependence is this rewiring of the brain’s system, which can take months to years to regulate.

Snuff bullets themselves are not technically illegal. There are many popular websites that sell versions of snuff bullets. In states where marijuana is legal, snuff bullets are seen in smoke shops. However, because of the popularity of using snuff bullets for substances like cocaine, they can be seen as paraphernalia. It is under law enforcement’s discretion to identify the snuff bullet and if there is probable cause that it is being used illicitly. This can result in legal troubles that could negatively affect the person’s life.

Seeking Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Sarasota County, FL

Cocaine can take over your life, affecting relationships, jobs, and finances. The good news is there is hope through cocaine addiction treatment. Finding joy and purpose after cocaine use disorder can feel impossible. With the help of various therapies, coping skill classes, and wellness training, you will be able to discover what makes you unique and set life goals. It is time to leave cocaine where it belongs – in the dust.

If you or someone you love is managing a cocaine use disorder, help is just a phone call away. Clean Recovery Centers understands that addiction can stem from unresolved trauma, which is why we have a certified rapid-resolution therapist at each of our locations. Call us today at (888) 330-2532 to schedule an appointment.

Get clean. Live clean. Stay clean.

FAQs About Cocaine Snuff Bullets

Are snuff bullets illegal?

Snuff bullets themselves are not technically illegal. There are many popular websites that sell versions of snuff bullets. In states where marijuana is legal, snuff bullets are seen in smoke shops. However, because of the popularity of using snuff bullets for substances like cocaine, they can be seen as paraphernalia. It is under law enforcement’s discretion to identify the snuff bullet and if there is probable cause that it is being used illicitly.

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