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    When looking for a drug rehab “near me,” what expectations do you have? Are you looking for somewhere that has a complete program? Do you want to be heard and work with a team to develop your treatment plan? Clean Recovery Centers has you covered! Clean Recovery Centers is more than just a drug rehab. Our unique three-phase addiction treatment uses evidence-based therapies and treats each client individually. It all starts at our detox facility in Largo. Each client receives 24-hour medical supervision and works with therapists to start finding the root causes of addiction. We will work with you to decide which facility you will transition to and determine if a mental health path is needed. After completing all three phases, you will join Clean Recovery Centers’ alumni program. A full drug rehab program is available through Clean Recovery Centers. Call the number below to see how you can get started today at our detox in Largo.

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    Heavy drinking for months or years can have harmful effects on the mind and body. Clean Recovery Centers’ alcoholism treatment in Largo addresses both the physical and mental health conditions that have developed over this time. The first step in alcohol use disorder treatment is detox. At our Largo location, we provide medically supervised treatment as well as daily therapy and wellness options. You will have a safe space to rest and heal while working on your recovery goals. The staff at Clean Recovery Centers is well-versed in different types of therapy and tailors treatment to your needs. After detox, you will transfer to one of our other locations in Sarasota, Tampa, or New Port Richey to keep on track with our three-phase treatment program. Clean Recovery Centers has alcoholism treatment in Largo! Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our three-phase addiction treatment program.