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    When looking for a Largo residential treatment, the program itself is not the only thing to consider. All of the housing at Clean Recovery Centers is certified by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences. We can reassure you that all of our locations’ housing facilities reflect the same high standards we put into our treatments. Our Largo location provides a full medical detox that gives you a safe space to heal both body and mind. Daily therapy will help you discover the root causes of addiction and possibly provide a mental health diagnosis as well. After detox is complete, you will transfer to one of our other facilities to continue with residential treatment. The benefits of residential treatment include having a safe environment to focus on recovery and not having to worry about where you will eat or stay. We provide a structured schedule to keep your mind occupied and help reacclimate you to daily life. Clean Recovery Centers’ Largo residential treatment is ready to help you take the next step. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a tour of our facility.Learn more

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    When staying at a rehab center, the prime goal should always be focusing on yourself and your recovery. At Clean Recovery Centers’ Largo inpatient rehab, we provide a safe space for you to heal both body and mind. The Largo facility provides medical detox. Our staff monitors you 24/7 for physical health and offers daily therapy for your emotional well-being. We take the guesswork out of where to go and what to do next. Our schedule gives structure and allows you to work on yourself for a successful recovery. After finishing detox at Largo, you will transfer to one of our other locations for inpatient treatment. If you were diagnosed with a mental health condition during detox, your treatment path could vary from those who are on the substance use disorder track. Inpatient services are available for both as we have housing at all of our facilities. Clean Recovery Centers takes pride in teaching our clients healthy coping skills and how to take back their life in recovery. Call us today to learn how our Largo inpatient rehab can get you on the path to get clean, live clean, and stay clean.