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    on September 22, 2023 at 10:00 am

    Get clean, live clean, stay clean. This is the mission of Clean Recovery Centers, a Tampa alcoholism treatment center. We believe that addiction recovery is possible for everyone. Alcoholism didn’t happen overnight and neither will sobriety. Our team is committed to our clients and provides support both emotionally and mentally. We believe in a family approach and include them in the treatment program. A key component in alcoholism treatment is also the physical aspect. Heavy drinking can damage organs such as the liver or cause heart problems such as high blood pressure. Our medical staff conducts evaluations to ensure each patient’s health is taken into account. At Clean Recovery Centers, we offer a full body and mind program for alcoholism treatment. Click the link below to see the program in full and find out more about our staff.

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    Tampa addiction treatment facilities are everywhere. Clean Recovery Centers is the only one that has RRT trauma-certified therapists to dive into the root causes of addiction and provide clients with insight about themselves. Addiction treatment is not one size fits all, and our staff is trained to explore all factors that lead to addiction and work with clients individually to understand these triggers. The medical staff at Clean Recovery Centers not only monitors detox but also is involved with mental health diagnosis and treatments. Our treatment program has helped hundreds not only find recovery but also treat mental health disorders they didn’t know they had. We have found great success in treating both addiction and mental health issues simultaneously. Call us today to find out more about our therapists and take the next step to addiction recovery.