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Addiction Recovery and the Workplace

Addiction and Mental Health issues impact the Workplace. If you have employees who are struggling, or want to learn how to make your workplace more recovery-friendly, Clean Recovery Centers can help!


Employers & Addiction

Substance Abuse Disorders in the Workforce

1 in 10

1 in 10

In the U.S., 1 in 10 workers struggle with alcohol or drug use and 1 in 5 will experience diagnosable mental illness.*



In the U.S., 70% of those suffering from substance abuse disorders are in the workforce.*

*Center for Workplace Mental Health. “Substance Use Disorder Calculator.” American Psychiatric Association Foundation. Accessed December 18, 2019.

Do you have an employee that needs help?

Is one of your employees suffering from addiction or mental health issues. Clean Recovery Centers can help members of your team to get, live, and stay clean!


Employers & Addiction

What can employers do?

As an employer, you may be wondering what you can do to help support your employees and get your team back on track. The answer is to educate yourself and work toward becoming a Recovery Ready Workplace.

Recovery Ready Workplaces promote individual wellness by creating work environments that further the mental and physical well-being of employees; and proactively prevent substance misuse and support recovery from addiction in the workplace and the community.

Employers, employees, customers, and society all benefit from recovery-ready workplace policies. Among the benefits are an expanded labor force, increased worker well-being, decreased turnover, improved productivity, and reduced health care costs. Employers adopting such policies help to reduce societal stigma and misunderstanding by fostering a culture in which Substance Use Disorders and related mental health issues are recognized as a treatable health conditions from which one can recover, and people in or seeking recovery are welcomed and supported in the workplace.


What is a Recovery Ready Workplace?

RRW policies are based on the recognition that Substance Use Disorder is a health problem and that employers have both a role and an interest in preventing it, facilitating access to appropriate care and support, and educating the workforce to reduce stigma and increase SUD and recovery literacy across the organization. The policies fall into four main categories.

Prevention & Risk Reduction

Openly acknowledge that addiction is an issue for many people, identify potential workplace risk factors and address them.

Education & Training

Provide information at all levels of the organization on Substance Use Disorders and recovery, working to reduce stigma and misunderstanding.

Hiring & Employment

Adopt fair chance hiring and employment policies and provide reasonable accomodations to employees in or seeking recovery.


Ensure employee access to needed services and supports employee assistance programs, insurance plans, and wellness initiatives.

Want to learn more about about Recovery Ready Workplaces? Visit the Department of Labor Recovery-Ready Workplace Resource Hub for more information and resources, or download the Recovery-Ready Workplace Toolkit: Guidance and Resources for Private and Public Sector Employers

About Clean Recovery Centers

Located in beautiful Sun Coast Florida, Clean Recovery Centers provides the full spectrum of treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues.

From Medical Detox, Residential, Mental Health Treatment, Day/Night Treatment with Community Housing, Intensive Outpatient with Transitional Living, and Outpatient Treatment, we offer effective solutions and psychiatric care at any stage of Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

What we do.

Every day the plagues of alcoholism, addiction and untreated mental health issues impact millions of lives. Clean Recovery Centers offers a path to recovery whether one has reached ‘rock bottom’ or simply requires new life tools to Get Clean. Live Clean. Stay Clean.

Why we are unique.

Clean Recovery Centers offers stabilization, analysis and treatment utilizing evidence-based practices, medication management, and our one-of-a-kind Three-Phase Approach that includes treatment options for every stage of recovery. We recognize there are multiple pathways to recovery, so we design a plan that works by treating the whole person – the physical, spiritual, mental and social. Our programs focus on the client’s strength; we build on what’s right with each person, not what’s wrong. And it’s paying off – we are seeing dramatic, life-changing results in just three to six months!


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