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Clean Recovery Leaders Discuss the Stigma of Addiction During Tampa Television Interview




Shayne Sundholm and Charles Robinson on Morning Blend in Tampa, September 8

Education is a key to reducing the stigma of addiction, according to Clean Recovery Centers. For example, if someone has cancer, you are sorry and feel badly. But it’s different with the disease of addiction. Because of behavior issues, addicts are often shunned by family, friends and others. This only deepens the stigma associated with the disease.

“These people are already suffering; their level of despair is almost indescribable and to pile on makes it even worse,” said Shayne Sundholm, CEO of Clean Recovery Centers.

“The stigma of addiction is very powerful,” adds Charles Robinson, Clinical Director. “Clients who come to us are beaten down by a world that sees them as outcasts and don’t want them in their neighborhoods.”

Lessening the stigma of addiction begins with a better understanding of the addict’s world. This is especially important for loved ones of the addict. At Clean Recovery, the goal is to lift up the addict, point out what they’re doing right and rebuild their self-esteem. Family and friends need to be on this same page.

Robinson added, “We must reach out in compassion. We should take time to listen to people and find out what’s going on in their lives rather than making assumptions and judgments. These can be terribly demoralizing for the addict, sapping the life from their recovery effort.”

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