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Clean Recovery Centers Announces Dwayne Gordon as COO

Treatment center executive to oversee operations for all treatment locations


TAMPA, FL – September 15, 2022 – Clean Recovery Centers, a leading innovator in addiction and mental health treatment, welcomes the addition of Dwayne Gordon as Chief Operations Officer.

As a Licensed Addiction Counselor and U.S. Army Military Police Veteran, Gordon joins Clean Recovery Centers with extensive recovery expertise and leadership experience.

In his new role, he oversees day-to-day business operations and works with department managers to ensure that all clients at Clean Recovery Centers receive excellent care.

“We’re excited to have someone with Dwayne’s unique experience joining us,” said Clean Recovery Centers CEO Paul Tzatzimakis. “He has a proven track record of serving others, and I know his expertise will be put to great use helping our clients live their healthiest, most fulfilling lives.”

Prior to his appointment as Chief Operations Officer, Gordon earned his MBA with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship, as well as International Board Certifications in Addictions Counseling with concentrations in Criminal Justice, Dual Diagnosis, and Medicated Assisted Treatment.

“It is a personal mission to remain true to my faith and provide high-quality services, resulting in transformed lives.”

Dwayne Gordon

COO, Clean Recovery Centers

Gordon is an ordained non-denominational pastor certified in Biblical Counseling and hopes to combine his faith with best treatment practices to help clients reach their recovery goals.

“It is a personal mission to remain true to my faith and provide high-quality services, resulting in transformed lives,” Gordon said.

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Located on Florida’s beautiful Sun Coast, Clean Recovery Centers provides the full spectrum of treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction. From Medical Detox, Residential, Mental Health Treatment, Day/Night Treatment with Community Housing, Intensive Outpatient with Transitional Living, and Outpatient Treatment, Clean Recovery Centers offers effective solutions and psychiatric care at any stage of substance use disorder (SUD). For more information, contact Clean Recovery Centers in Tampa at 888-386-8654 or

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