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Medical Detox and Residential 1 Treatment


Medical Detox

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Recovering from drug or alcohol abuse has been described as a journey – a journey where those with a substance abuse problem can achieve sobriety while learning skills that will guide them to lasting recovery. For many, this journey begins with detoxification, a program designed to get all the toxic substances out of the body.

Think of “detox” as tackling the physical or physiological aspects of the addiction disease while “counseling” helps overcome the psychological aspects.

Clean Recovery Centers’ detox and residential services provide an initial period during recovery where individuals focus on overcoming their physical dependence on alcohol or drugs. It’s a crucial part of treatment and recovery. In fact, medical detoxification serves as an initial primer for the remainder of the individual’s treatment. Withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol can be lethal. Those suffering from withdrawal symptoms without medical detox almost invariably return to the drug of their choice to temporarily ease the discomfort and the vicious downward spiral of addiction continues.

Clean Recovery Centers’ expert medical team and counselors help clients work through detox in a very comfortable, safe and caring environment with the leading-edge treatments and therapies. Whether a person is addicted to prescription drugs, heroin, crystal meth, alcohol or any number of other drugs, we have the medication, therapy, and activities that will get them ready for the recovery journey ahead.

Clean Recovery Center’s Detox & Residential Treatment Program consists of the following elements:

  • Medical detox & Medication Management
  • Group & Individual therapy
  • Family or Couples Counseling
  • Addiction education
  • Follow-Up Care & Support Group Referrals

Clean Recovery Centers’ employ a combination of medically supported treatments and various types of therapy most likely to result in the long-term maintenance of recovery. Psychological and social therapies are utilized to help the person understand and manage contributing factors to their addiction. A person suffering from addiction often has a dual diagnosis – addiction along with depression or anxiety, for example. In cases of dual diagnosis, all co-occurring issues must be treated simultaneously. Clean Recovery Centers’ treatment team understands all the factors in play and that is critical.

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Residential 1

Residential treatment is provided in a structured and supervised live-in environment 24 hours-per-day, 7 days-per-week, to help individuals maintain recovery from addiction. During this treatment, clients build skills and tools that are necessary for life after detoxification. Care is medically supported, if needed, and provides evidenced based therapy with individual, group and family counseling.