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Clean Recovery’s Personal Touch was Perfect for Jason

… a clean testimonial.

Before he went to Clean, Recovery, Jason was in a 30-day program, and it didn’t feel good. “It wasn’t personal, “ he said. “They didn’t know my name. It felt like they just took a bunch of people and stuck us together.”

When the program ended, Jason felt he could easily go out and use again. He recalled a trip to the airport to pick up a friend. He was thinking, “What do they have (to get high).” That thought sent shivers through him: “How awful is that; I don’t want to feel like that.”

The turnaround at Clean Recoveries was immediate. His old feelings disappeared, swallowed up in the compassionate caring of the Clean staff, and their hands-on 12-step approach.

When he got to Clean, Jason recalled thinking, “Oh my gosh I’m really glad I found this place. I just felt blessed.” Clean’s regular one-on-one sessions and group therapy made a huge impact on him. “They really cared about me. They wanted to see me succeed and helped me do that.”

Visit the Testimonials page of the Clean Recovery Centers website to watch Jason’s “My life, clean.” video and hear his story in his own words.