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Chris Embraced a Life-Changing Solution at Clean Recovery Centers

…a clean testimonial.

At an early age, traumatic events in his life hit Chris hard. They pursued him relentlessly into his teen years. “I just didn’t know how to forget what happened or how to deal with it,” he explained.

Eventually he discovered a cure. “I found alcohol and drugs. They were my cure for everything; they were my savior.”

Saddled with a deadly cure, Chris kept moving along in life until he finally understood that alcohol and drugs were slowly killing him. That realization changed everything.

At that point,” Chris said, “I knew I needed treatment.” He checked into an inpatient program and then found Clean Recovery. With the excellent tools available at Clean including the power of 12-step support, he said, “I’ve learned a different way of life.”

Visit the Testimonials page of the Clean Recovery Centers website to watch Chris’ “My life, clean.” video and hear his story in his own words.