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Clean Recovery Helped Ben Find a New Way Forward

… a clean testimonial.


Ben always felt he was born into drugs and drug dealing and that would be his path for life. It’s no surprise he thought this way. “I have a lot of brothers who have all gone down this path,” he said.

The brothers did not fare well, some even doing prison time. Ben took notice. “I thought I had to get clean or, in some way, face prison or even death.” That started him on a journey to treatment that took several years and was far from smooth.

“I thought I could do 30 days, go back home and live the same way, but that didn’t work,” he recalled. He went to two treatments. After the first, he went home and did a little clean time before crashing. Treatment number two saw him getting high just 3 hours after returning home. But this time there was a silver lining – Ben finally hit his bottom and found Clean Recovery.

Looking back, Ben says he started slowly at Clean Recovery, admitting that he wasn’t the most wiling person in the room. However, the friendly Clean staff, the Center’s Three-Phase Approach and their 12-step support system turned things around for him. “They were all very helpful getting me to do more work on myself. It’s definitely a program that works.”

Visit the Testimonials page of the Clean Recovery Centers website to watch Ben’s “My life, clean.” video and hear his story in his own words.