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Clean Recovery Centers Lifts Angela Up From Rock Bottom

… a clean testimonial


“I was raised in a very loving family,” Angela recalled. “Nothing bad ever happened to me.” Her life began to change as a teen when she experimented with drugs and alcohol (“like a typical teen.”). Over the years, she got sicker and sicker. She went from being a college graduate to a life spinning completely out of control. “I was thousands of miles from my family and on the streets homeless.”

Thinking back, Angela said her life got so terrible that “the only thing I wanted was the next hit, the next fix. That’s all I had, it was like my lover.” After being in over 20 different treatment centers for addiction, Angela knew things had to change; a light went on for her. “If you keep doing the same things over and over, you’re going to get the same results,” she explained. Angela was slowly killing herself, and life got so bad she was admitted to an inpatient facility.

Her next stop was crucial. “I ended up at Clean Recovery Centers, and it was a blessing,” she recalled. “They provided me with a place to stay, and an amazing clinical program that included tools like the Four Agreements that I incorporate into my life everyday. It’s amazing, I don’t even think about doing them. It just happens.”

As Angela put it, “I really liked Clean Recovery’s approach – how they just laid all these tools out for me like the Agreements. I had so much support whenever I wanted it. No one forced anything on me and that’s exactly what I needed.”

Clean Recovery helped Angela arrive at a new way of thinking. After all she had gone through, she would ask herself, “How long will this recovery last, the ball is going to drop at some point.” Today she is in recovery, the ball hasn’t dropped, and she said, “I’m really proud of myself. It’s amazing.”

Visit the Testimonials page of the Clean Recovery Centers website to watch Angela’s “My life, clean.” video and hear her story in her own words.